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Thank you for visiting us at Pack Expo! As part of our commitment to sustainability, we’ve gone paperless for this show.


Sustainability means meeting our needs without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same. The earth belongs to all of us and so does the responsibility to preserve it.

Since 1965, Sullair air compressors have been known for their Reliability, Durability and Performance. The legacy continues now as Hitachi Global Air Power – featuring the legendary Sullair product line.

Hitachi Global Air Power is thinking of sustainability at every step. The green machines you trust are getting even greener.

Compressed Air Solutions for the Packaging Industry

Oil Flooded Air Compressors

Our oil flooded compressors feature our legendary reliable and durable lubricated rotary screw air ends.

  • Flows from 13 – 3000 cfm (.37 – 84.95 m³/min)
  • Pressure from 100 – 350 psi (7 – 24 bar)
  • Power from 5 – 600 hp (3.7 – 447 kW)

Highlighted Oil Flooded Products

Oil Free Air Compressors

Our oil free compressors use a range of compression technologies—rotary screw, scroll and centrifugal.

  • Flows from 6 – 118,000 cfm (.17 – 3341.39 m³/min)
  • Pressure from 30 – 725 psi (2 – 50 bar)
  • Power from 2 – 30,000 hp (1.5 – 22,371 kW)

Highlighted Oil Free Products

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